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Kingman turquoise nugget pendants on leather cord

May 01, 2018

Very large Kingman turquoise nugget pendant on leather cord

Last time I stopped by the shop of the Kingman turquoise mine, I fell in love with huge turquoise nuggets. I bought a few of them, thinking that you may like them too.

I picked a few large ones and a few more in a smaller size, each one is unique. With a hole on the top and a soft suede leather cord, they are the perfect casual Friday or week-end companion for your outfit. I think they’ll even look good on a man.

Long Kingman turquoise nugget pendant on leather cord

Turquoise, also called the "sky stone" is an ancient talisman for health and happiness that has been incorporated in jewelry since centuries. We can find turquoise all over the world but the finest qualities come from the American Southwest. The mine in Kingman, Arizona is one of the most prolific mines of the Southwest.

Turquoise is the birthstone associated with the month of December.

would like to emphasize that the turquoise in these pendants are nuggets, not cabochons. The front and the back are a bit irregular but they are polished so they are not rough nor sharp.

The cord is  45“ long, which give you plenty to decide how you want to wear it. Just make your own knot where you want it. The cord is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is available in a choice of 3 colors: light brown, dark brown and black.


Large Kingman turquoise nugget pendant on leather cord


The nuggets are natural Kingman turquoise that has been stabilized to give it more strength. Yet, like every turquoise, I would recommend a bit of care especially if you choose to wear it long.

They are on sale  in the store here, here, here and here. The prices are awesome for such beautiful nuggets and each of them is a one-of-a-kind.

Small Kingman turquoise nugget pendant on leather cord

If you’d like to know more about Kingman turquoise, check this other post of mine (haha, mine, no pun intended!).


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