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Hydraulic press for the studio

May 21, 2019

Hydraulic press for the studio

A new tool has arrived in the studio

I’d like to introduce you to a new piece of equipment I have bought for the studio just last week. I am really excited about it and without going too technical/boring, I have to talk about it. You know… like when you are really enthusiastic about something and you can't help yourself to talk about it all the time… this is how I feel with my tools. I know... I am a nerd....

This pretty tool is called an hydraulic press. What excites me about it is the world of new possibilities it offers me, not the tool itself which is basically a heavy (very heavy) pile of steel. The way I feel about my press is the same way I feel about my car... just a pile of metal but oh the fantastic places it takes me ;) 

The purpose of this new tool of mine is to cut and form metal using the force of an hydraulic jack instead of my chicken arms.

Why I decided to buy an hydraulic press

Considering that I’ll never rebuild a motorcycle, I bought this one in particular because it has been designed especially for jewelry in addition of being top notch quality. This is a tool hand made in America and whenever I have the choice I put my money where my mouth is.

I did my home work and decided to get this hydraulic press because, in addition of being safe (which is not the case of similar tools made overseas), it will allow me to:

  • expand the range of work I am doing,
  • give depth and dimension to my pieces of jewelry that I would not be able to get otherwise with regular jewelry tools.

I also have hope that by allowing me to work faster on more attractive pieces, it will be the gateway for me to go back working with retailers.

To be honest, I have been out of steam lately and something new is just what I needed to find my groove again. 

First tests with copper

  • I can cut shapes (like the fetish bear) where I will add a stone cab and other stamping decoration.
  • I can make little decorative components (like the flowers) that I will solder on larger pieces.
  • I can form larger components that will become jewelry by themselves (like the stirrup that will make some cute earrings once I make its twin).
  • And so much more...

Stay tuned for new work!

I am so excited with my new hydraulic press!  And I can't even tell you how giddy it makes me feel when I am thinking about all the new work I'll be sharing with you soon! If you'd like to be the first to know, <click here> to subscribe to my mailing list. 

A bientôt! -Patricia


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