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How to keep your jewelry clean with Sunshine polishing cloth

May 17, 2017

How to keep your jewelry clean with Sunshine polishing cloth

Do you like your jewelry to be clean and shiny? I do! I do!

Sunshine cloth is my favorite polishing cloth for jewelry

Sunshine cloth is impregnated with non scratch micro abrasives and is ready to use. It works very well on silver, copper, bronze, brass and nuGold (a brass alloy).

For a long time, there was only one version of the Sunshine cloth: the yellow one.

Recently, two new versions of Sunshine cloth have been introduced: a pink cloth (more abrasive than the yellow) and a light blue cloth (less abrasive than the yellow). After trying both, I decided I was going to stick with the original yellow cloth.

It is very simple to use

Just rub your jewelry with the cloth (try to avoid gemstones) then rinse your jewelry piece with soap and warm water then pat dry. 

Keep the cloth it in a ziplock bag and do not wash it. Do not worry about the black marks, the cloth still works. You’ll know it is time to replace it when it does not polish anymore.

Sunshine cloth as seen on my bench
As seen on my bench...

You will notice that your fingers get dirty when you clean your jewelry and that's OK. Should I remind you to wash your hands afterward?

Insider tip: I like to rub my jewelry with polishing cloth when I watch something on YouTube. So that my jewelry is always ready to wear and I do not feel I spent lots of time on it.

Where to get it

The Sunshine polishing cloth is readily available to purchase online. You can buy it from Rio Grande which is the creator of Sunshine cloth. But beware: they will charge you $7.99 to ship one piece of cloth! which makes the shipping more expensive than the product.

The best deal I found is from Amazon, especially if you are a Prime member.

If you have any more questions about cleaning your jewelry, please ask via the comment section below this post. I hope it helped!

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